Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am riding across the United States of America on a trike

Yes, really.

If I ever had a life goal in terms of self accomplishments, it's this: I'm going to ride a recumbent trike across North America. Yeah, I know. It's nuts and it'll take no less than 2 months. I'm not a camper but then again I wasn't much of a cyclist either. A handful of people have already done it and only one died - not from the trip. Their documentation on the blogs should be adequate in prep for my own journey. See new list of links to the right under, "Long Distance Trike Riders."

The only question is when will I be doing this? I probably should have done it this year just after the ALC ride, but I was never really serious about the trek until about 3 minutes ago. When else will I have 2 months off? Not sure, but when it happens and Angela's comfortable taking care of the kids while I'm away, I'm leaving. I'll be cool if I do it when our kids are old enough to appreciate what their dad's embarking on.

Until then, whether it's 2 years from now or 20 years, I'm reading all I can in prep for this insane once in a lifetime ride. I'm in no hurry. I need to give Apple some time to develop their Ipad 4 and/or Iphone Nano. So for all those who are saying, "Don't do it. Don't do it. It's too dangerous," I'm doing it. I have enough time to prepare, so off I go to the internet world for research....

Oh and no, I'm not going in cold turkey. I'll take a few week long tours to see what I'm up against as training for the epic ride. It'll be insane. Lonely, but insane.


  1. DO IT!!! I dream of it too someday. I'm working up to an ALC level ride right now still though.

    Wait a couple years and take the kids with you ;)
    Take a look at:

  2. I'll sponsor you! Seriously. I'm not sure if you like bananas or not, but I'll pay for all of your bananas for your whole trip. Don't like bananas? I'll consider covering another fruit..

  3. @Dan

    Thanks for recommending the book. Have you read it? I just popped it onto my Amazon wish list.

  4. @thomas

    Awesome! I wonder how many pieces of fruit I can carry with me on the trike? Hahahha.