Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wheel Weight

I was always curious about the weight of the wheels and if the difference btw the stock mags and the spokes are really that significant. Utah Trikes told me that I can't expect to lose much weight, probably 2 lbs at the most. Let's evaluate.

So how much does the mag wheel weigh by itself w/o disk brakes, tube and tire? The naked wheel weighs 2 lbs. And the spoked wheel?

1.4lbs! That's 0.6 lb's lighter. So 1.2lbs overall for both wheels. That's quite a bit but not relatively speaking compared to other ways weight can be gained or lost.

Me for instance. I heard the other day that body weight can fluctuate up to 8lbs throughout the day. I know that we can gain and lose 2lbs based just on water! Best way to shed weight? Forget the trike and turn to the engine. The engine needs to lose weight. I just weighed myself and I'm no longer 147lbs. I'm at 151lbs now. Ouch. Good overall, but not good for triking from SF to LA.


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