Thursday, April 28, 2011

IGH Shifter

It arrived! Amazon's the best. It got here in 2 days! I've ordered so many things through the site but I still can't believe how fast things get shipped! Crazy.

I almost forgot that stuff comes in the original box - I've been so used to shopping on ebay where stuff comes in bulk packaging. Nice to see something presented like it was meant to be.

The shifter is a lot bigger than I imagined. It fits fairly nicely though. I sort of test fitted it on the trike's left handlebar and it seems like it would work. I won't know for sure just yet.

The feel and functionality of this Rapid Fire shifter is so much better than the old school Torpedo one that came with the SRAM 3x7 IGH. I hope everything goes according to plan and this thing can be installed w/in the next few weeks.


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