Sunday, April 24, 2011

ALC - Day on the Ride

For $20, ALC riders get a chance to see what a "day on the ride" feels like. That means a rest stop every 12-15 miles equipped with porto-potties, snacks, bike racks, even entertainment! Lunch and dinner also included. Well worth my 20-spot.

Good thing I came early the free parking lot was full! Not sure where else to park, I drove all over looking for whatever I could find. Finally, $10 a day. Not bad in SF terms and I was in a hurry so that had to do. When I thought all was clear, I headed to Mike's Bikes, meeting place and no one was there!

How can no one be here? I looked for about 15 minutes triking up and down the street w/no luck. Finally I came across a street that was closed off and found it! Don't Yelp this place b/c the address is way off!

One neighborhood friend of the ALC even set up her own Lemonade stand w/cookies -3 different kinds to choose from! The line for the restroom here was nonexistent. Great compared to the first rest stop that had at least 45 people waiting in line! Ouch!

We didn't know our route until we reached San Rafael. The plan was to go north to Petaluma, swing back south past Novato and end up back at our starting point = 64 miles.

Looks like hills get tough even for the regular diamond frame (DF) bike riders! I met this guy along the way. Kevin runs a family owned Italian restaurant here in SF!

He wasn't the only one to walk his bike. There were a few others I witnessed in the group that I climbed the hill with. My trike's new gearing helped tons! I kept it on the lowest gear averaging me at 2.2mph - walking speed. I rode along Kevin and we chatted it up a bit which made the hill feel much shorter.

We finally made it to lunch! Turkey sandwich, chips, orange, banana, chocolate chip cookie and Powerade! I arrived as the last group.

They were starting to clean up by the time I finished eating this box lunch. Not good news. I was a bit concerned as I got on my trike and kept going. Would I make it in time?

Rest Stop 2! I made it! I arrived sooner than anticipated. They had plenty of snacks and even a bike mechanic station. I didn't dare take my trike there. Bike mechanics don't seem to like us bentriders. My trike was doing fine, so I hit up the restrooms, grabbed some snacks, said hello to my wife (not in that order), grabbed a refill of Powerade and was on my way!

As mentioned earlier, there's entertainment. You can't help but to smile looking at this fella all dressed up for us. He was one of the roadies. He was a great sport and struck this pose for me! He posted at the last formal rest stop and worked alongside Angela helping to pass out food and drinks.

1. The ride isn't as bad as I imagined.
2. I can catch up. I finished the ride at number 360 out of 450 riders.
3. This ride supposedly has more frequent hills than the actual scheduled ride.
4. I can last 57 miles before I get cranky.
5. I need to eat more during the ride.
6. The downhill stretches are so worth the climb up. I reached a new max speed of 41mph!

When we finally arrived back at the finish line, it was time for pasta! Yum! Past, Caesar salad, an apple and one thing I don't have very often - Coke! That hit the spot.

The day concludes with a free massage! I didn't get one b/c I was too busy eating the yummy food, but those that prefer a good-feeling kinda feeling, get a chance at the magic fingers.


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