Sunday, April 17, 2011

KMX Tornado F63

A year in the making and the KMX Tornado F63 is finally here. After 4 seasons since last year's Aids Life Cycle event, I've been researching, educating myself, collecting components and have been in touch w/numerous BROL members and vendors to make this happen.

The once sad little neighborhood BMX 3-wheeler is now a mountain climber and takes downhills at impressive speeds (impressive for a KMX at least). While previously on the Cliff House hill, I clocked in at 30mph, I looked down at my speedometer today and it red 34mph. It sure felt like it!

The left handlebar went through a pretty big makeover since acquiring it stock. Where once stood just the brake lever is now a mirror, SRAM gear shifter, bell and Torpedo shifter for the rear internal gear hub. A bit crowded, but it works. I cut quite a bit of the handlebar grip off to get all the components to fit snugly. Thanks again Mike for recommending those mirrors!

Action Bicycle 3-ring crankset sits in the front. I'll have to find a new way to mount the light which is now pretty much useless facing down. I don't ride at night anymore, so it's not biggy.

The heart of all this came from the internal gear hub bought from a fellow member. Same wheel size but I lose my disk brake in exchange for 3 sets of gears and a stronger spoked wheel with a higher capacity for air. Well worth it.


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