Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stage 2 IGH

I just bought the Sturmey Archer CS-RK3! The internal gear hub I have installed now doesn't have reliable shifting. Perhaps this is better than one that isn't as bulletproof, but I'm going to give it a shot.

The best part is that I'll have my rear brake back!!!! Hello drifting! Recall that this part is super hard to find, but I found a seller through one of the bicycle forums. $111 shipped with insurance - very reasonable. They ran out of black, so I ordered the silver one. It'll still match since my crankarms are now chrome.

The shifter I got for this is a Shimano Rapid Fire one which will ideally mount to the upper portion of my left handlebar between the mirror and the front derailleur twist shifter. It shifts with the index finger and thumbs.

The idea is for it to look seamless and work flawlessly. We'll see about that. The shifter was from Amazon and cost $12.79 shipped. I'm loving this Amazon Prime membership thing.

Since the hub takes an 8 or 9-speed cassette, I opted for whatever gave me the best range. I grabbed another Shimano Megarange 11-34T cassette. Since it has one more cog than my current 7-speed one, the transition btw gears should be more smooth. Under $20 for this one.

With an 8-speed cassette, I'll naturally need a shifter to go with it. I picked this one up for $12.74 shipped. Ebay's my friend. It'll match the Sram MRX Comp that I have on the left handlebar. $12.74 ain't bad, right?

So what else do I need?

1. Derailleur cable

2. New 20" wheel. It'll have to be put together by a local bike shop. I haven't chosen one yet, but I had a good experience at the last place I went to. I may revisit them. I don't recall the name at this moment. I just remember buying the technician and his crew a case of beer in exchange for the free services.

I called up Ian today and he quoted me $75. $15 more than their competition but i trust these guys more and plus I think I owe the guy for helping me dissect the Catrike wheel last time. I bought the Velocity Aeroheat wheel from Cabria - a $61.01 hit.

I should be set after that. Just not sure what rim and spokes to get and what color combination. I have a few things in mind, but haven't determined anything yet. I definitely would like a black rim to match the others. Not sure on the spokes. Silver to match the fronts? Black to match the look of the old mags? Red nipples? White?


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