Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New F3/F8 spoked wheels arrived!

They finally came! Actually, it didn't take that long for Utah Trike to ship them. They arrived in less than a week and here they are!

They're 16"'s like the stock ones, but spoked. I haven't had a chance to weight them yet, but I suspect they're lighter. Rims are made by Jetset - yes, the Taiwanese brand.

The hub is proprietary. I tried buying them separately so I could go with my choice of lighter/stronger rim with custom colored spokes, but KMX didn't have any available to sell separately.

These are definitely stronger than the mag ones I have. 100 max PSI instead of 45 PSI. Rolling resistance should be much less.

Another great thing is that they're thin! They're narrow! Much narrower than the OEM mags. That means I can fit some skinny race tires on here!

Bad news is that the Schwalbe Kevlar lined Marathon Slicks won't fit. They're 349mm's instead of 305mm's. Time to shop for some new tires!

These things look good, but now even better after I stripped on the red reflective wheel tape. I had some left over.

UPDATE: later this evening
Huge disappointment! The craftsmanship of this hub is horrible! That's not a shadow and that's not an angle. The alignment is off - way off!

Right when I was all smiles and giggles getting ready to put this on the trike, I discovered the sleeve inside the hub doesn't align with the bearings! The axle won't fit through!!! Utah Trikes, you better fix this!

UPDATE: 4/27/11
I learned from a quick response from Matt that night (wow, amazing customer service. It was past 11pm) that the sleeve inside the hub is "floating" and can be realigned. This morning, Ashley from Utah Trikes recommended that I use a screwdriver to slide it into place. I previously tried that out of desperation and it worked! The wheels are on and things are good. The only thing I goofed up on was that I removed the old wheels w/o disengaging the brake. Now the disks are partly warped. Ugh. Maybe some brake adjustments will do the trick.

I can't wait to test ride these new wheels! The tires are pumped at 60psi (max = 70psi) instead of the 40psi (max at that time = 45psi). That'll give me a bumpy ride, but it should be supersmooth on the asphalt and rolling resistance should be lessened. I'm just wondering if it'll be enough to be noticeable. Soon to find out....

I took a spin up and down the block and could tell there was something different. It's tough to tell w/o an extensive ride. I have a long ride coming up this weekend and will have a better feel for the differences then.


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