Sunday, April 3, 2011

Installing the Shark Fin derailleur mounting bracket

I bought the steel drill bits today and have confirmed with Matt (from Utah Trikes aka KMX) that the hardware to secure it to the boom is indeed M6 (6mm).

UPDATE: 4/16/11
I hacked it up! I took the plunge and drilled two giant holes into the stock aluminum boom to feed the bolts through! After getting over my nerves, I did it! It worked! The Shark is mounted ready for the derailleur installation. I went with what I believe was the 55mm long hex head screws. I needed something short enough so that it wouldn't poke through and look awkward.

Here it is mounted. Notice that the Shark Fin bracket had to be offset to the left of the boom. It's not completely centered. This had to be done due to the range of the derailleur I chose to use. The M6 screws used to secure the bracket just barely peep out of the hole for a flush look. I can't say the same for the other rear one. I believe I crossthreaded that so I didn't want to back it out.


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