Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Building a Wheel

It's probably a good idea to start of with Sheldon's page here. Let's also give some love to a SF local bike shop that took some time to shoot this video. It's taught me that the spokes on either side of the rear drive wheel are not identical! This makes sense since the hub is not directly centered left and right of the rim. It's offset to compensate for the length of the cassette. Interesting.

As I'm shopping for rims, I just realized that not all rims will fit the Sturmy Archer hub. The holes need to match. Looking at the spec, I found that I need 36 drillings. The Velocity Aeroheat is my first choice. Luckily it has an option for 36 drillings so it'll work.

I also found I can save maybe $30 by building the wheel myself and just paying labor for truing it rather than for the whole custom build. I'll have to buy a couple tools and make sure all my math is correct for the spoke length.

UPDATE: 5/4/11
I've decided to let my shop build the rim for me. I don't want to be experimenting for such a long trip where something could easily go wrong and I wouldn't be able to finish the ride on the trike. I canceled my order with Cambria Cycle which said it might take 2-3 weeks to ship! Looking at other sources, I found that Velocity sells them direct at a competitive price. The order came in at $75 and should be here in 5 business days which means next Friday. The hub should hopefully be here by then too and I can get this thing made! So excited.

The spokes have various gauges so that has to match too. I need 13g or 14g. I found a calculator that'll help me out tons here. Apparently the 3-cross pattern is normal. Some go for a 4-cross n hopes of better stability and strength. It's more difficult to change out though and since it's out of the norm, I'm sticking with the traditional 3-cross.

I'm trying to figure this out, but I'm having a hard time with the measurements. I'll probably need a digital caliper and the hub itself which I don't have yet b/c it's being shipped to me. I'm leaning towards having this done by a local bike shop (LBS). I'll need them to true it anyway since I don't trust myself using a wheel for such a long ride as the ALC that I put together myself for the first time. Guess this one's going to the experts.


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