Saturday, April 16, 2011

Front derailleur cabling issue

I was initially having lots of trouble installing the front derailleur. All the youtube videos show clearly how to make adjustments, but none really go over how to install the cable properly. I finally figured it out after digging through my photo collection and paying closer attention to the pic below. It was a great resource.

At first I wasn't able to get enough tension on the cable to engage it properly with the grip shift. This is the photo of a Cobra I used for reference.

I drilled another hole from under the boom and fed the cable through and connected it to the derailleur. The ferret held the cable hose in place below the boom while only the cable itself pulled up and into the derailleur.

After posting a thread on BROL, lots of people came to the rescue with pics of their own setup. All was superhelpful.


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