Monday, May 9, 2011

Thorn resistant tubes

Who knew these existed? Maybe I'm the only one who didn't know, but I was introduce to these by Mike yesterday when we swapped out my Schwalbe Big Apple tires for the City Jets he bought me for a song ($10). Thanks Mike!

The local bike shop didn't have my size for the tires I plan to use, so I did some research today and found quite a few companies that make thorn resistant tubes other than Avenir.

Forte (sold at Performance Bicycle)
Bontrager (same manufacturer who made my shoes)
Pyramid Audio (the name Audio looks funny for a company making bicycle tubes, doesn't it?)
True Goo
Slime (they make a thicker version of their slime tubes)

After some preliminary research, I found Specialized were rated the worst! Others from BROL have no positive things to say about thorn resistant tubes all together in my thread here so far.

Companies that carry my size, 16x1.5 Marathon Racer (2.0 Apples/City Jets)" and 20x1.5" Marathon Racer(2.0 Apples)?

UPDATE: 5/10/11
I ended up buying the Sunlite ones out of convenience and availability. The only other manufacturer that supplies 305mm thorn resistant tubes is Q-tubes. I figured I'd match up the rears w/ the fronts. I stumbled upon one problem. Though I ordered the 20" thorn resistant tube for the rear, I have no idea if it's the 406mm I need or a 451mm. I left a message with Sunlite since no one picked up. I also emailed them through their website, so we'll see how it goes in the next day.


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