Sunday, May 8, 2011

Couch Potato

"Is it comfortable?"

I hear it all the time from onlookers. After today though, it'll be 10x more comfortable than before! Mike's helping me install additional foam in the seat to make it an even more pleasure to ride 545 miles.

Typically after only a couple hours of riding, one of the rear horizontal support bars can be felt through the stock seat. I've gotten used to it, but the reconditioning of the seat should improve things drastically. I test road his and it's like, "a couch"!

UPDATE: 5/10/11
Since I wasn't able to get the foam from Sunnyvale last week, I did a bit of research for local dealers of foam. Mike mentioned there may be something in the City and he was right! Cushion Works got excellent reviews and it's not too far from work.

If I can make enough time this evening to pull the seat off and remove the foam, I'm bringing it into the shop tomorrow to get a price on the piece. That'll save me a trip to Sunnyvale.

Memory foam is not waterproof (sweatproof) and isn't light, but Cushion Works supposedly has it! Interesting, very interesting....


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