Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Generation Rollers!

Prior to buying my current roller trainer, I had thought of how crazy it is to spend $160 on a piece of metal with two rollers on it. I'm not that desperate to ride a trike that I can't wait for better weather to do it outside. A stationary trike? No thank you.

It didn't take long for my to change my mind - a complete 180. The weather wasn't cooperating and the ALC was only a couple months away. Since getting the roller trainer for a discount used from another trike enthusiast, I've found it to be very useful not only for training but for trike maintenance. Previously I would prop the trike up on a wood crate so that I can keep the pedals moving to clean the chain and not have the trike running away.

Now with the rollers, I can run the drivetrain w/o worrying about damaging the frame on the crate. A month or so into the ownership of the trainer, I find this:

The red one is the new model. Much smaller! The older black model that I have includes a fan in the rear (right of the photo) that creates the resistance for training. The fan's been done away with completely in the new model and has been replaced by magnets!

At $200 MSRP, I'll pass but it's nice to see that technology on simple things like a roller trainer is still developing.


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