Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bay to Breakers 2011

It's not everyday that you see Jesus. Well, it's Bay to Breakers and everyone comes out to play - yes, even the Lord's one and only son. Yes, he's looking at you.

Going through the crowd of hundreds, I ran into a Golden Gate Park buddy of mine. He give me a high five and says,

"You gotta get a flag. You're gunna get run over!"

I look back and my flag is gone!!! One of these people must've taken it! It's secured well and it's never fallen off. There were a few nice people in the crowd too though. A whole gang of folks called out my name,

"How ya doing, Brian"

"Go Brian!"

"Make room for Brian."

Hahha, I knew people would react differently to me with my "Brian" license plate in the back.

After riding 14 miles, I've gathered the following statistics:

Number of high-fives? 3
Number of people who called me a loser? 1
Number of people who commented on it being a "recumbent"? 1
Number of naked men? - 9
Number of naked women? - 2.5
Number of 3 year olds passing out beer to runners? 2

"Do you want a beer?"

I triked by and was shocked that came from a 3 year old boy. Here he is about to pour another can. Click on the pic, zoom in and you'll see the kid's sister doesn't need any help. She's pouring it on her own.


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