Friday, May 6, 2011

Flag Mount

History of the flag mount:

All bike flag mounts pretty much look the same. Long ugly metal bracket attaches to the rear axle nut. When I used to take my trike to the shop before I learned anything about the mechanics of them enough to perform my own work, the shop guy had surprised me by mounting the bracket in a new location. He basically make a bracket for the bracket. A horizontal metal piece supports the bracket that holds the flag.

Good intentions. I was more stable, but the screw he used is not the right size and I suspect it may have stripped the threads in the seat adjustment holes. The flag mount worked for awhile but over time, the stock metal bracket bent out of shape and the flag pole could no longer in inserted into the sleeve as easily. It got worse and worse.

Last week, my trike buddy Mike told me about the Catrike flag mount. He had some ideas on how to mount it to the KMX. His girlfriend with a Terratrike Zoomer had one and the mount looks great. Nice and clean - small too.

Talk about sticker shock! The tiny aluminum part was $12 + $9 shipping! Their shipping is pretty much a flat fee so it can be good or bad, but with nothing else to buy at the moment, $22 for a bracket is pretty costly. The stock "ugly metal ones" are $1 and available at any bike shop.

While browsing for other items from Utah Trikes, I decided to go ahead and get a rear spare tire and some spare spokes/nipples to offset the shipping cost. The package arrived last night, but then came another shock.

The mounting hole was too small. With desperation I grabbed the drill and puled some drill bits to hopefully enlarge the hole. Did it in 5 minutes!

Worked well and now the flag mount has been installed. Looks good.


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