Monday, May 9, 2011

City Cycles Wheel Build

Since City Cycles never replied to my email about the wheel build, I called them this morning and talked to Hansen. I should have called them last week to follow up on the specs I sent them b/c now I'm told the wheel build can't be done until next week, Monday 5/16 (even though my rim will be here as early as 5/11). My fear of not having the proper spokes came into fruition. There's a chance they don't have the white/red ones in stock which would push the build a few more days to Thursday, 5/19. That only leaves me one weekend to test the new drivetrain!

I'm getting a bit worried with the timeline. If anything goes wrong, there isn't much time to fix it. Worse case scenario though is to just continue with my current Stage 1 drivetrain setup. This wouldn't be so bad, but with all the work I've put into this, I'd like to see State 2 completed successfully.

Of all the bike shops in the city, I chose City Cycles b/c last time I visited them to look into the possibility of installing Catrike 349mm front rims onto the KMX Tornado, they took time to pull my wheel hub apart to see if it would work. It ended up not working and Ian didn't charge me anything for their time. I ended up buying the guys a 6-pack of beer for their work though. It set me back about $8 - not bad for 40 minutes worth of expert advice. It also saved me time in trying to fit something that won't work. The info eventually got me a sale of the wheels on the forums. I got $75 out of them but probably should have charged more.

UPDATE: 5/10/11
Hansen never called, so I rang them again and spoke to Ian hoping to get some info. Hansen's suppose to reply soon so we'll see when he returns my call to tell me if the spokes are available and the wheel build can therefore be scheduled for Monday instead of Thursday.


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