Monday, May 23, 2011

Shave me

Whoa la! This is the Braun M90! It had only occurred to me a few days ago that I need a shaver for the ALC ride! With 2,500 riders and a few hundred volunteers, access to the sinks will be limited. I figure I should stay away from the cream and blade and go for an electric shaver.

I found one that can be charged by USB, but it got horrible reviews. I found another one from Ross that's super tiny and only $10, but that too got horrible reviews.

I finally found one by Braun, a trusted brand. It's the same manufacturer as the one I have now. The one I've been using works without being plugged in for a total of 20 seconds before it goes dead. The battery's history. This was a handmedown of my dad's from who knows when.

It didn't take me long to find a compact travel sized one that runs on batteries that got good reviews on Amazon. I ordered this one for $18.15 shipped! It's got a protective swivel cover, sideburn trimmer and brush. I hear it gets pretty good battery life on two AA cells.

The design of this thing is pretty good too. The silver part swivels out to reveal and protect the foil. It also prevents it from accidentally turning on while being stored for travel.


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