Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Schwalbe Marathon Tire

After getting my first flat on the rear wheel sitting on Schwalbe Marathon Racers during the Bay to Breaker's event, I was even more eager to put on the Marathon tires. The Marathons are significantly heavier than the Racer version and is definitely thicker. Even just after a visual comparison, I'm much more confident riding with Marathons in the rear. I'm hoping I won't have to ever change out the rear tire. Wish me luck with the new setup.

The Marathon weighs a whopping 1.4lbs by itself! 440g which is just shy of 1lb (0.97lbs).

How much did the Racer version weigh? The scale doesn't even read it! That's gotta mean it barely weighs a few grams. The specs say 290g (0.64lbs).

Another reason for running with the Marathon and keeping the Marathon Racer as a backup (rather than the other way around) is that the Racer version is foldable. A folding bead comes in handy.


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