Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It won't be climbing any hills and it won't be seeing any gravel. Oh and bother trying to carve any high speed turns on this thing, but what a beauty! I just found this one in a trike classified ad listing. It's arguably the fastest straight line trike in the world and in my favorite color too! Asking price? $1,700 before shipping (MSRP is $2,850 plus tax and shipping which puts it at well over $3,000). Drool,

I love that the front and rear wheel sizes are so different. Great contrast. It's called the Catrike 700 b/c of the rear 700mm wheel. It's typical of most road bikes which means tires and rims are interchangeable. This would be the only way to get a red tire! They typically only come in 650mm and 700mm sizes.

This thing is huge though. It's 15" shorter than a Smart car Fortwo and over 1' longer than my KMX Tornado, but 10lbs lighter. It would take some creative thinking to store this thing at home.

I'm sure I could think of a way.


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