Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Please sponsor me

I've hit up Schwalbe for a possible sponsorship for the Aids Life Cycle. I already have their Big Apple tires, but could use some backup equipment or replacement tires. These tires have seen at least 1,000 miles of road if not more. Hopefully they can lend me a hand with at least some tools, tubes or perhaps even tires for the road (Marathon Racers, *wink, wink*). The 545 mile ride will be long and it doesn't hurt to have backup equipment alongside me in case things get rough.

I tried reaching out to Bell since I already carry one of their helmets - Influx. Unfortunately they're sponsorship review ended in January for this year. I'm looking out for other bike related companies for support. Feel free to email me some recommendations.

Utah Trikes has provided a discounted rate for their KMX F3/F8 spoked wheels for my participation in the ALC totally $40 in discounts. Thanks Matt!


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