Thursday, June 16, 2011

Would you do it again?

I keep getting that question. On Day 3, I said I'd never do it again.

After the ride ended, I had second thoughts. I already reconsidered after my friend Jonathan expressed interest in doing it with me next year. I'm not sure how serious he is, but if he really did participate as a rider, I may actually do this all over again!

If I joined Aids Life Cycle 11, what would I do differently?

1. I'd start collecting donations sooner.

2. I'd contact corporate companies for donations.

3. Backup tires aren't needed. I'd leave both at home and rely on the tire boots for any repairs.

4. I'd bring 2 of each tube instead of 4. I didn't use any extra on the ride. No flat tires.

5. Gloves need to go into the sleeping bag with me to keep warm. They're slightly damp in the morning which isn't all that comfortable.

6. My energy gel can stay at home. Clif supplies their energy blocks which does the same thing but better.

7. I need to label my water bottle with my name and rider number in case I lose it. So many people lost their bottles on the ride. I saw at least 5 on the route.

8. I can't forget to bring my warm after riding clothes. I had nothing but my thicker riding jacket to wear at night and early morning. The hooded sweatshirt is coming with me next time.

9. More socks. Washing clothes and drying them on trees isn't fun. It also takes up too much time. I need a jersey for every day of the week, a new pair of pants and socks. I'd rather not have to do laundry in a camping setting.


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