Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hunt for a red flag

Ever since my red safety flag got stolen during the Bay to Breaker's run, I've been in search for a replacement. Sports Basement was supposed to order me one. I called a week later for status and they kept saying that it was on the way. I later get a call from them saying it's arrived.


I show up and they have trouble finding it. After 15 minutes, they find an orange flag that was transferred from another store. After a week and a half the flag was never even ordered! Why'd they tell me it was special ordered if all they did was transfer one from a different store? I could have gone to that store and gotten it sooner if I wanted an orange one!

They apparently "ordered" the flag last week and when I call today to get status, guess what? They got my order, never even bothered to call me and guess what? Another orange flag. I'm looking for red folks. Red! Fire engine red. I came to Sports Basement b/c that's where I got my last one before the mean drunks snatched it.

No luck. It looks like I may have to make one. But even the two fabric stores I went to don't have the vinyl I need. I'll head to another one tomorrow to see if they have what I'm looking for.

If and when my KMX seat finally arrives in the mail today and if I have extra time, I'll head over to Home Depot to see if they have a red flag. At this point I'd pay $20 for this $7 thing. Can't believe no one has a red safety flag. I called up all the San Francisco bike shops and even a few in San Mateo - nothing.


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