Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chain Me Up

I've decided to replace the chain as another preventive measure. It's probably best to keep the trike in tip top shape before the ride. It's coming up Sunday!

In researching various chains priced from $8-80, I found there are weight differences btw different types. Chains differ in flexibility to accommodate various speeds. A 10-speed chain needs to flex more than a 7-speed one since the chain moves left and right across the cassette at various distances.

I stuck with the reliable SRAM brand. 310 grams each. Being that the trike is so long, it requires about 2.75 lengths of chain compared to an upright bicycle that only needs one.

The chain is already lubed. I'm glad I used gloves for this one! Those two silver things in the middle are the SRAM Powerlinks. They enable the chain to be taken apart easily by hand w/o the use of tools.

To replace the chain, I simply put the new one alongside the old one to get a match in exact length.

I took this and a few other pics to remind myself exactly how the chain is routed through the trike. I remember messing up one time and had a hard time figuring out exactly how it's all supposed to come together.

While I was at this, I made some rear brake adjustments. I removed two of the washers so that the brake pads would hug the rotor a bit more closely. The distance the rotor is from the brake was changed ever so slightly when I replaced the hub.

I was surprised to find that while testing out the brakes, the rear wheel would shake. The axle was moving up and down! Not good. I removed the outer bolt, repositioned the wheel and tightened it back. It's in good shape now. I'm glad I caught that one!


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