Friday, June 10, 2011

ALC Day 6

Lompoc to Ventura

85 miles today, but it didn't feel like it. Although Day 1 and Day 3 made me think twice about participating in the ALC, today wasn't too bad. Even though I covered 85 miles today, I felt like I could keep going.

I'm starting to get my routine down. Too bad it took 6 days! Here's me in the tent this morning just before eating breakfast.

Only one more day left! I'm not sure this is the reason why my ride went so well today or if it's one of these:

1. Hopeful that I'll actually finish!
2. Can't wait to go home and sleep in a real bed!
3. I'm actually getting used to this.
4. The refreshing Steak Picado and Horchata drink I had last night.
5, 7+ hours of sleep despite being awaken by my aunt's text last night on my cell phone in the middle of my sleep. My rest hours are between 9pm-5:00am.

Even after today's 83 miles, I feel like I could easily ride another 60. My feet weren't hurting me. I didn't get tired. It seems like T-mobile's connection is much better in a bigger city like Ventura close to LA. I can upload pictures 10x as fast, so here's some to share!

At one of the rest stops, I took a photo with one my my trike buddies. He rides a higher end Catrike Expedition. These are the trikes people use to ride across the country. It's very well built and equipped. Joe here is part of the Pos Peds (HIV Positive Peddlers) group. He's the reason we ride.

Angela and I finally got a chance to take a picture together! She's usually working at the medical tent either on one of the rest stops or back at camp. We actually only get to see each other for maybe 3 hrs/day.

Can you beelieve this team rides with these outfits on? They did a little dance at rest stop 4. It was hilarious!

One of the rest stops had a zombie theme! Here's one of the lady's trying to kill me, as if the ride isn't doing that already.

The last person I thought I'd see on the road is my friend Jesus. Here he is posing at the porto potties. This is so not PC, but it was so hilarious.

1. Anything can be accomplished with the right combination of environment, support, hope, purpose and encouragement. It makes a big difference that people are cheering us on as we're passing their neighborhood or when we're approaching the base camp. People even cheer as we climb big hills!

2. If you eat the same thing over and over again, you won't want it anymore. The thought of peanut butter and jelly gram crackers makes me want to hurl.

3. Endurance is competition to speed. During the last leg of today's ride, I knew I was behind. I had already arrived to the last rest stop late and got away with not having to SAG to base camp. Although I was riding slower than other riders, I kept going as they began to slow down. A few of them had dropped to the side to repair tires while others simply got tired and pedaled slower. I kept going at my consistent pace. By the time I reached camp, at least 50 other people have followed whereas I thought I'd be dead last.

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  1. Brian: Fantastic ! Very proud of your attitude, stimina, and courage. also, glad you are looking so healthy after being very tired a couple of days ago. Have a great finish !!