Thursday, June 9, 2011

ALC Day 4

Paso Robles to Santa Maria

Day 4 was super exhausting - so much that I didn't blog. I didn't even feel like eating and for those who know me, something must seriously be wrong. ALC was serving Mexican food and I could barely take 5 bites of it before calling it quits and heading to bed.

We got some pretty cool statistics in the newspaper this morning. Can you guess how many eggs we make for 3,000 participants? 44,600! Click on the photo to the left to see more interesting stats.

There were some incredible views along the way! I actually made a u-turn to get this shot! How would you like living on that block?

Last year, the line for taking a photo with this sign was 2 hrs! The crew finally decided to make more than one line and the line was cut much shorter. I only waited about 30 minutes before taking this shot. Other riders would lift their bikes up above their heads and stand on the rock! I wasn't about to attempt it with the 43lb monster, so here I am on the ground.


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