Tuesday, June 7, 2011

ALC Day 3

Though not the shortest of the trip, today was the shortest ride so far: 66.7 miles.

King City to Paso Robles.

This day like all the rest had some cool photo opportunities. Here's one of a riding team. Yes, they actually wear that stuff while riding!

I arrived at camp at 4:18pm! That's great timing considering we're only permitted to ride until 7pm. Lots of people were held back at a small town with a population of 120. Yup, only 120 people live there and in one afternoon, they make enough money selling hamburgers to ALC riders and volunteers to pay for their whole school's sports program for one year! Last year they made $11,000 in a single afternoon! Wow!

Today's ride got tiring at the 2nd rest stop and moreso during lunch. I think it may be the lack of sleep, but I promised I'd update this blog daily, so I'm doing my best to keep my word.

The big thing today was the Quad Buster! it was a huge hill that everyone dreaded. It was the one thing that I was pretty much preparing my trike to overcome. I did it! Not only did I climb up the huge infamous hill, but I did it twice! I came rolling back down at 40 + mph like an insane man and went up it all over again!

It was soooo hot today. I got sunburn and in a little while Angela said she'd help me put on some Aloe on my sunburns. I'm sort of ignoring her as I'm typing this. She's in the tent with me now and just finished washing up.

I did my laundry today - the old fashioned way with a bucket, soap and a hose. The stuff's still drying in the tent hung up with binder clips.

Once getting into camp, I saw lots of people with ice cream! Where'd they get that? It turns out that our camp is located in some sort of entertainment area, It looks to be the park of an outdoor mall of some sort. There's restaurants (though not open today) and the Gellato place which was! I had something called the Italian Ice. Think of a healthy form of a slushy - strawberry flavored.


  1. wow, nice job on the quad buster. sounds like you're in great shape for the rest of the trip. 40+ mph on the bike? holy... stay safe and look forward to pictures when you come back.

  2. keep going!

    Team Brain Quan Rocks!

    Rayfil from Hong Kong

  3. @David

    Thanks man! I think on parts of the route, I must've hit at least 50mph. Too bad my computer stopped working midway through.