Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wobble wobble no more

The rear wheel had wobbled when I brought it to Nomad Cyclery to fix. Justin took it a part and put grease in the hub around the ballbearings but apparently hadn't tightened the cone enough. Since this was the second time I brought something to Nomad Cyclery only to see that an issue wasn't completely fixed, I thought I'd try a new place.

Cognition Cyclery just opened about 3 weeks ago and they've been very friendly. I had gone in to check out their sunglasses and that's where I fell in love with the Specialized glasses. Although their prices were very competitive and if I were to buy them, I'd get them there, I wasn't ready to let go of that much cash for a pair of glasses. I ended up going with the Tifosi ones priced at $55.

Jason from Cognition found that indeed the cone was lose on the side of the wheel where the cassette is and helped me tighten it for free! Before handing the wheel back to me, he described what was wrong. I replied,

Thanks, what do I owe you?

Don't worry about it. Nothing. Just buy something next time.

I'd like one of those display stands.

He looked up the price and gave it to me for $20. At the counter I saw some glueless tire tube repair kits. 6 patches in a tiny pouch for $3. I grabbed that too. The kit I have now is way too big for the tiny Timbuk2 bag I have. The numbers didn't add up for the purchases. Even after tax, everything was less than $23. Apparently there's a 10% off discount off everything until tomorrow.

I've found a way to clear up some space in my Timbuk2 bag. I'll report it in a future blog post.


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