Monday, April 5, 2010

ACCESSORY 20: Bag $30.58 @ REI

This has been a long time coming. I originally ordered this through Amazon for $35. Shipping took forever and I just happened to come across REI's 20% off Internet sale. I purchased it right away and had it shipped to the store. It still took about 4 days, but I got almost $5 off it. So not bad.

Why I got it:

a. The size. It works well with the trike.
b. It's the Timbuk2 handlebar bag! Anything Timbuk2 is pretty good quality and very well designed. I trusted it complete.
c. The attachment mechanism fit well too.

Here's the back! Those straps can be tucked and hidden away in the little pockets on either side. It's designed to be a goofy fanny pack when take off a bicycle. I don't plan on using it quite like that, but the strap I thought would work well to keep the bag attached tight to the trike's seat back.

The inside is waterproof! Good thinking. You never know what you might put in here. The exterior ballistic nylon is a great finish for this product too. Looks sleek! For sizing reference, this bag fits about 3 cans of beer.

For size comparison. The one on the right is made by bell and was my last bag. It was $10, so I couldn't resist and bought it just in case the Timbuk2 one didn't turn out. I'm keeping the Bell one for the bike.

Here's the Bell one installed. It's tucked away quite nicely. Fits well, but just doesn't have the quality and style of the Timbuk2.

I've had a chance to use the Timbuk2 and it works pretty well. It hugs the back of the seat a bit better but surprisingly doesn't hold as much stuff as the Bell bag. I like that the Timbuk2 bag has a separate zippered compartment though for more sensitive get-it-now items.

Installed! Fits perfectly....sort of. I estimated the spacing of the two velcro straps that secure it to the horizontal bar to fit fairly snug. It's off by maybe 1", but still works well.

There's plenty of clearance between the bag and the wheel. The Bell bag was never really a problem either, but I like the low profile of the Timbuk2 bag a lot more.

No complaints on carrying capacity. All that is typically stuffed into the bag with a bit of room to spare for my keys and granola bar. I plan to replace the tire repair kit with a much smaller glue-less kind. It's the size of 4 quarters. That'll give me plenty more space, but this will have to do until then.

There's even a front zipper that I use to store my garage door opener. This way I can press it while inside the bag w/o having to open it. If only my arms were long enough to reach it while riding.


  1. That is a nice bag setup. I am looking at one for my Tornado also so that gives me some good ideas :)

    I especially like the red stripes on the rims. I just purchased some Schwalbe Big Apple tires for mine, so I am not sure how they would look with those whitewalls, but I have been wondering how some blue ones might work :)

  2. @Michael

    Wow, it literally took me over a year to figure out that I have comments on this blog. It's 8/17/11 and this is the first time I've seen your comment. Ooops.

    Thanks for your compliments on the red lined rims. I knew I wanted that the moment I got the trike. Somehow I fell in love with that look. As you know, I've kept with it with a matching flag, computer and even riding gear.