Sunday, April 25, 2010


16 miles today.

I guess not everyone is as friendly as I thought. I finally made it up a big hill and started to take it slow when I saw a smiling tatooed 20-something in shorts lean over with his hand outstretched as if to give a high-five. I stuck my arm out receive only to see him take it away as I sped passed!

I just got moded.

It was much friendlier earlier in the day.

Two people responded the same way as I rode by, but the accents were on different words,

I want one of those.
I want one of those.

When I'm out, I'm usually riding. I don't take many breaks, but pulled over when my trike started feeling a bit sluggish. Time to pump up the tires. A group of just-graduated from college middle eastern guys stopped by and complimented the trike. One of them asked if I made the thing. This isn't the first time I heard this question, but each time I'm still a bit honored that people would actually think me to be capable of it. I suppose if I took those welding classes at the Tech Shop and learned a bit more about bicycle parts, it could happen. I'm glad KMX did the work though. I'm having lots of fun riding it - no need to make one myself. The trike is still rare enough where it would still get the same reactions as if I were to have designed and fabricated my own version of a BMX trike.

Academy of Sciences has this nice glass outdoor elevator with red accents. I figured it'd be a perfect backdrop for the trike. The reflections ended up getting in the way, but I managed to snap a few pics here and there.

Since I took my weekly Sunday ride though Golden Gate Park solo this time, I stayed a bit longer than my wife would normally want to ride. I took the whole road closure stretch twice and took the steep hill up and down about 4 times. The thrill can't be beat being so low to the ground. It's much more satisfying than with a bicycle. Getting to the De Young Museum, I made a new record for myself in speed.

26.7 mph.

I was pedaling downhill with all my might trying to hit 27 mph w/no luck. Maybe another day. Perhaps I might one day find a longer downhill stretch. My goal is 30 mph before the end of the year. That might require adding a new crankset. I won't mind spending the money if I can find bicycle components that will look OEM.


  1. the guy's just jealous he doesnt have the money to buy one, trying to make himself feel better

  2. Just purchased a KMX Tornado and live in the South Bay. I really like the red stripes on the wheels...been thinking of going that route myself..

    Anyway, as soon as the monsoons let up I plan to hit all the bike trails in the Bay Area. I will be looking for you out there :)