Saturday, April 10, 2010

My lips

ACCESSORY 22: Reflective rim stripes $26 @ ebay

Here's a little reminder of what the trike looks like now. The design rocks, but the colors are kinda drab. All black and white with only a hint if red from the water bottle.

Although these types of wheels aren't compatible with the magnet I'll need for my trike computer that records speed, average speed, etc, I love the look of them. I can't stand the typical medal design seen on bicycles.

I ordered this just a couple days ago from matsui63 on ebay! I overpayed a bit, but the super fast shipping made it all worth it. He was also one of the few who was willing to make me the custom 20" size. Correspondence was great. I'd buy from him again and probably will. I'm looking to put yellow stripes on my sister's blue bike. The competitors' products come from HK while this one comes from Modesto, CA. It came in time for the Sunday Streets event in SF where a large stretch of the roads are closed for bicyclists. I can't wait to install this! Thanks matsui63!

Step 1: Clean the rims so the stripes will stick. First is the degreaser. I happened to have some under the kitchen sink. I finished it off with 409 as the instruction sheet recommended.

Step 2: It's pretty basic. Just peel off the stripes one at a time and stick it onto the rim. Although the stickers are cut curved, you still have to line it up carefully. I applied pressure to the tape every 3/4" or so then ran my fingers across the whole thing after ever strip to hold it down. At first, I lapped each section about 1/2", but later did about 1" or more. The stripes stick well to one another, so lapping is good.

One rim complete. We're almost there!

How about a closeup.

Tada! This picture was taken right before a tourist stopped me and asked to take a picture too. She wanted to ride it and I went ahead and let her sit on it, but I wasn't too comfortable with her driving it around since I had just fixed the gears and didn't anything to happen to it.

I'm glad it's looking better here than it did in my garage where it had looked a tad tacky. I was starting to regret it when I stepped back after the initial installation. Looks good now though, right? I can't wait to see it in the dark!....w/headlights or a flashlight. I wonder how well these reflect.

Wonder no more. This is how bright it looks with a flash even in the day time!

I've always wanted to take a picture of the trike or my car next to some graffiti, so when I came across this, I didn't hesitate for long before carrying it and my new Adidas shoes into the sand for a photo op.

Rider: I look like a giant compared to the trike! But I'm only 5'-7" and 150lbs.


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