Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cut off by a cop!

As I was going downhill in a designated bike lane crossing an intersection, a cop pulls right in front of me! There's no stop sign and no traffic light. I hit the brakes hard and the trike pulls so far to the left that the front left wheel pops up at least 6". Frantic as to what to do, I kept braking and leaning.


I finally land back on three wheels. I'm one foot away from smacking into this penguin's shiny black bumper.

Bastards. Another reason to hate cops. How do you miss a blinking light shining into your right rear view mirror in the blackness of the night?

Lesson learned about how the trike works. The guy at Bay Trail Bikes in Albany who took me for my first recumbent trike test drive warned me that the KMX tends to veer to one direction when braking. This was one of the flaws compared to the higher end $2,000+ trikes. I figured out this evening that the easiest way around it without breaking out the tools is just to counter steer to the right by pushing the left handlebar forward. I tried it a couple times and it worked pretty well! This is super important especially when going downhill. This wasn't the first time I popped up on two wheels during an abrupt slowdown.


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