Sunday, April 4, 2010

I hate Nike. I love Nike. I hate Nike.

ACCESSORY 19: Cell phone holder $13 @ Nike Outlet store

Okay Nike's alright.

I've never liked Nike in the past and still aren't fond of the over rated brand. It also looks bad with the logos blown up to 3 foot banner sizes and plastered on Mexican car rear windshields all over Los Angeles. Glad someone likes it though. I'm also a tiny person, so size small T-shirts are still big enough to be a nightgown. Down to my knees.

I have to admit, Nike does have some cool products though. One of which I just purchased at an outlet store. It's cell phone holder - the band type that straps around your arm. The phone slot is secured by velcro for easy access. I figure it'll be easy to feel the phone vibrate if I get a call and it'll be much more easily accessible than in the back pouch behind my seat. Items would slip out of my pants pocket and my new jacket doesn't have side pockets....only 3 in the rear for bottles. It's the bicycle kind. So this strap seems like a good choice. I can't test it out until tomorrow though.

Update: I've had a chance to test it and it doesn't work very well. It might be better for other folks, but it's way too snug for my particular Verizon LG Versa phone. It felt like it fit perfectly at the store, but it's too tight for real life use. The cell phone can barely be removed from the case while wearing gloves and totally impossible to put back in. I might us it for other applications like when I go snowboarding.

My flight is delayed back home so I'm sitting in LAS on free Wi-fi just realizing that it'll be too late to trike by the time I get home. And it's supposedly raining. Sucks.


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