Saturday, October 1, 2011

Metcalf Mountain

Mike, Paul and I have ridden together before but never with any other bents - until today! Eric and Tom came out with their trikes and here we are at our first rest stop.

Some how we decided to climb a big mountain. Dirt bike enthusiasts from the south bay will be no stranger to Metcalf Mountain. Except instead of riding up, they bring their big 4x4's.

After huffing and puffing and me asking about 3x, "Are we really going to the top?" we made it. Eric had to cut out early, but here's the rest of us at the Motorcycle Park . We hit 16% grades! Ouch! And in 102˚ heat!

If we climbed any longer, I would have been pretty exhausted w/o Tom's offer for extra water. Man, his ride can store a lot! He shared sandwiches with me on the way, bananas and even home-made granola bars! Thanks Tom! I should have taken pictures of the bars. They were good!

Someone decided that visiting the skatepark would be a good idea! I'm so glad Paul suggested it b/c I had been wanting to take the trike to one for quite some time. My high school friend had offered to take some videos next time we met up, but today was perfect b/c a skate park was not too far from our route.

Yup, we got a shot of it! I'm up so vertical that the flag is dragging on the ground! It was a bit intimidating at first being that there were at least a gang of 20 kids there at the park and we were the only ones who didn't know what they were doing.

The guys there were surprisingly very inviting. A couple of them even helped me get the trike up there on one of the ramps to start the off the action. If think if there weren't so many people there and it wasn't about to get dark soon, we would've stayed a bit longer. What a blast!

Pretty awesome when the kids were chanting, "He's gunna do it! He's gunna do it!" I'll post a video soon. Why wait, here it is:


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