Friday, October 7, 2011

On-board Storage Solution!

I've been designing on-board storage solutions for my trike ever since witnessing the convenience of being able to carry lots of stuff: sandwiches, granola bars, bike tools, etc.

The products and accessories I ordered a couple days ago arrived from Amazon this afternoon (about 2 hrs ago). Here's what I have to work with:

Firstly is the bag! I heard conflicting reviews about the actual size of this thing. I was hoping it wasn't too big and not too small. Here it is next to my helmet for reference. Looks to be the perfect size! We'll see.

As another reference, here's the Topeak Dynapack seat post mounted storage unit on top of my stock KMX 20" rear tire.

What sorta stuff fits in here? 2 wrenches, XShot camera extension mount, waterproof cover, one spare tube of each size, Gel, Clifbar, granola bar, ziptie, tube patches and my bike tool.

I'll have to mount this to the trike somehow. That's where this little gadget comes in. It's a T-bracket. Topeak calls it their BarXtender. You can mount it in various angles.

This is an extra long computer mounting bar. It secures directly to any handlebar or frame of a similar dimension. It pretty much lets you extend a bar perpendicularly.

Now how do all these pieces come together?

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