Sunday, October 9, 2011

Option #3 Failed!

I gave it a try on my first real ride today with the new storage unit mounting system. Less than 10 miles in, I heard a sound coming from the unit - a dragging sound. Looking down, I saw that the Topeak Dynapack was dragging on the ground! I guess I can't return the item anymore! When I got home I found it was all scratched and dirty on the bottom.

For the next mile or so, I tried just lifting it up back into place. However, it kept slipping back down. The Topeak Xtension Bar was slipping on the frame. There was nothing wrong with the bag. It was the mounting that was the issue. Eventually, it got so loose that I couldn't ride anymore.

I pulled over and tried to remount it like I did for Option #2, on the back of the frame just above the wheel. I may have crossthreaded the screw b/c it wouldn't attach properly. Luckily I was riding with Mike and he taught me to screw it in from the other side which would clear the crossthread problem - and it did!

Another problem.

The bag was so heavy with all the gear in it, that it slipped down and sat on top of the wheel! That wouldn't work either, so I relocated the fender close enough to use it as support for the bag mount. It looked funky, but it worked for almost another 10 miles until...


The bracket sheared off! There was no repairing solution now! So what to do? Well, I'll call up Topeak for a warranty coverage, but until then what am I supposed to do? Luckily I'm on a recumbent.

I had to carry it in my lap the rest of the way home! Don't ask how inconvenient it was to shift gears and brake all while pedaling.

So what now? What's the long term plan? Well, I'm going to option 1. It won't require the use of the Topeak Xtender Bar. I'll give it a quick 2 mile test ride before deciding what to do.


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