Friday, October 7, 2011

Vote for your favorite on-board storage solution

I came up with three ideas. Let me know what you think. Please leave me a comment with your preference. Your vote is really important. BROL members can also leave your feedback in the poll here.

#1: Rear mounted trunk w/o fender (nor rack)

The profile looks decent and the design maintains the same sleek look. We're missing the stock rear fender which makes the lines not quite as clean. I like how it floats above the wheel though which unfortunately leads to a drawback.

The storage unit has no choice but to double as a fender, defending its contents from mud and dirt. Yup, that means by the end of the day, the whole bottom side's getting dirty.

#2: Rear mounted trunk with aftermarket fender

It might look a bit busy back there, but at least my trunk will be protected. I may opt for another style fender. I'd like one that curves more parallel to the shape of the wheel. The current Planet Bike one is a bit too straight for my liking.

Mounting the spoiler back on requires the Topeak BarXtension accessory mount b/c the stubby Profile Design one is only 60mm - not long enough for the trunk bracket.

#3 Side mount trunk with stock fender

Lastly, the storage unit is brought to the side of the trike. This keeps the clean profile of the existing trike w/o any excess stuff up top. Keeping the weight in the middle of the trike will probably keep handling more similar to how it is currently with the Timbuk2 back beneath the seat.

Originally, I was hoping I could access the storage with this design while in motion, but that wouldn't be safe. I can keep the brackets looks and rotate the trunk for easy access while seated though.

So please vote. Let me know what you like and why. Also tell me what you don't like and why. I'm open to any all all comments. Don't be afraid to be mean. Give it to me straight. Let's hear it. Register and vote here on Blogger or leave me a note on BROL here.


  1. Side as well, it's like grabbing for your water; safe and easy. It works on any recumbent bike and like I said, it's pretty safe and simple to get at.