Monday, October 3, 2011

New Toys

I can't believe I lost my other tool! This is the third one. I've tried a different one each time. The first one's chain breaker broke, so I got basic Topeak replacement. Somehow I completely lost it so I figured I'd have to get yet a new one eventually. Today is eventually. Not cheap, but hopefully this will be my last one.

I read about this tool from a bicycle maintenance book I read recently. The chain gauge tells you how much your chain is stretched in percentage. This gives you a better idea of exactly when to replace it. A bit expensive, but I splurged on this $14 piece of metal.

The 8" tires on my electric scooter were a pain in the butt enough that I eventually had to take it to a shop who charged me $10 to remove and replace my self supplied tube. I figured rather than doing that again, I'd pick up a set of heavy duty tire levers for $7 to do the job.


  1. That's a decent multi-tool, I have the same one, however I broke one of the tire levers on it during my first go with it. Probably best that you got the better levers ;)

  2. @Dan

    Hahha, yeah. I was considering carrying one of those metal ones with me. I guess from your recommendation, I'll do that for sure. I can't seem to get the Multi-tool levers off at all! Do I just yank it as hard as I can? I've been meaning to call up Topeak about it.