Monday, January 9, 2012

Running with a Catrike

Wow, this thing flies! Or in the words of an ALC roadie yesterday,

"He's taking off on that thing!" Both Paul and I both were. He'd usually be way up front while I involuntarily kept the rear of the group company. But now with the Catrike Speed, I can finally keep up with Paul's Expedition!

It's not just the machine though. Much respect to Paul for his endurance. He's been training a lot and it shows both physically and performancewise. I don't know if he felt the same way when we approached an intersection and I shouted, "Now would be a good time for this traffic light to turn red!" I could use a break. The red light was timed perfectly, giving me the chance to use the neck rest.

As a couple of roadies were uncomfortably straddling their bikes behind me, one of them said to the other,

"Cool, it even has a neck rest." They continued talking. I turned around and told them a few things about the trike halfway expecting them to ask if I ride this thing b/c I have back problems. That question never came. I think everyone was just excited that there was not only one trike on the road with them, but two!

I kept up with the pack pretty well until the "Incident" happened.

1 comment:

  1. Whats is the average speed diference between the KMX tunned up and the catrike?

    I ride every day an KMX tornado same as yours but I had a 11-34t shimano negarange at mag wheels and schlumpf HSD, in my every day commute(7,5km house to work+7,5km work to house), I average 19,5 to 21,5km/h.

    I looking for a change to an trike lighter(for lift up stairs for house every day and climb hills better), I like ride fast and very hard cornering( I am here in spain go-karting and touring car driver)

    Catrike speed is a better sport all round commuter trike? Catrike road can corner hard? Catrikes can corner as same the KMX?