Friday, January 13, 2012

Color Swatch

I've decided on keeping the silver color of the Catrike! No more white dream. Not only do I feel like the $130-170 cost of the powder coating could be better spent elsewhere, but I think it would be good to keep my favorite white/black with red accent color scheme exclusively on the KMX.

The Catrike Speed's going to be a bit stealthy.

I guess you could say this was my inspiration. It's cool that it's got that Robocop/Batman look to it. Not exactly what I'm going for, but it brings home the point that this trike is not exactly doing a whole lot to get attention from motorist other than, "What the heck is that????"

I used to think it was dumb or dangerous for motorcycles to be completely black or grey. Why not have a super bright color like white, red, or better yet, yellow so it can stand out in the mayhem of traffic?

The answer is that I don't plan on ever being seen. I literally ride like I'm invisible. No one sees me. I gotta do whatever I gotta do to cross public roads and get around. If I'm ever riding assuming people see me or relying on their site to save my life, I'd be putting my life in other people's hands. That's not happening. I'm vulnerable and invisible and I know it. I simply just have to ride that way. I'm invisible all the time - every time.

So a grey flag perhaps might not be such a bad idea. I recently saw one online someplace - not too shabby.


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