Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Catrike Turns White

Not yet anyway.

There's only a couple reasons to do something like painting a trike yourself:
- You love torture.
I remember stripping down paint on my restoration bike and it was a 5 hr ordeal and that's just the effort for stripping the paint.

- Learn something.

-. Save money.
Exactly how much money would I be saving? I called up the three main shops in SF to see what their prices were. I'm still waiting to hear back on their quotes.

Technically, powdercoating (as my uncle reminded me) is different than just plain painting. Since the trike is powdercoated stock, stripping it down and replacing it with just paint would be a bit like downgrading to say the least. Ever since hearing about car enthusiasts recommending powder coating rims, I've always been interested in pricing. Let's see how they match up.

1. NRI
2. Westcoast Powder Coating
3. Leons Powder Coating
4. Accurate Powder Coating


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