Thursday, January 12, 2012

Catriking Across the Country

I've been playing around with the idea and I'd still like to do it sometime within the next decade. I recently came across a couple of rigs that caught my eye - both color matched!

This red one looks pretty good. I take a lighter load by skipping that bike stored in the trailer. Other than that, this thing looks pretty decent. A bit rear heavy, but it looks like it holds a lot of stuff. This is a rare shot of the limited edition seat!

What's even nicer is this one! Looks like it carries a bit of stuff too! Equipped with REI's Novara brand with their signature yellow, black, silver color scheme. Both stand out quite a bit on the road which is good.

Will I be next? Perhaps on a green or blue trike? Looks like both these owners went for the Catrike Road version - all wheels being the same size.

Although the yellow one looks better, I can't help but to think that the red one is more efficient. There's a lot less weight on the rotating drive wheel on the red setup. The yellow one's got a ton of weight stacked on the very thing that propels the trike forward. It'd be interesting to ride each of them one after the other.

I think what I might be dreading more than the trek across North America is the training. I heard something recently from an ALC training ride leader that made a lot of sense,

"Work hard and put yourself through the pain now through training so you can enjoy the ride later."

So true. If I had done more training for the ALC and had a better idea of what to expect, I think I would've had more fun. I spent so much time just trying to keep up and finish each days' miles that I didn't really have much time to slow down and "smell the roses" as they say. It's also not as fun when you're riding all 7 days pretty much by yourself. Weird how you can be lonely in the presence of 2,305 people. But at least I got to set my own pace which was a big thing for being in the minority as a recumbent trike rider on the Aids Life Cycle.


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