Monday, December 19, 2011

What Comes of the Catrike?

What am I expecting out of the Catrike Speed?

I'm hoping this thing will be tons quieter than my KMX Tornado. I don't know if it's that I modded it and the derailleur just can't handle all the chain slack needed from the crazy big gear range or what, but the thing gets loud. Lots of chain tube rubbing. I'm hoping the Speed will be speed around like a ninja on steroids.

I need this thing to be quick. My KMX seat alone used to weigh around 15lbs if I remember correctly. That's a ton! The Speed's seat is just mesh so it basically weighs nothing! It's important that I'm not being swept at the next ALC training ride. I hate being last. Especially on a bent, everyone thinks you're trying to be cute so it really sucks when you come in last. I gotta at least keep up with the crowd on the 10-12mph average speed rides. I think we averaged about that including stops last time, but somehow I just got bogged down. I blame the stupid bag on my the KMX (which I've fixed since and it's tons better). I went on a 10+ mile ride with the new rig and although the bag swayed to one side after an aggressive power slide, it at least didn't rub against the wheel.


It'll take some time before the Catrike Speed becomes a looker. The bland gray doesn't really do much in terms of looks. The stock setup will look sorta blah compared to the KMX Tornado. I'm hoping to change that in the next year or so. I'm trying not to get bitten by the mod bug too hard, but we'll see.


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