Tuesday, December 13, 2011

33 Miles!

I hadn't ridden for awhile, so it was nice getting back on the trike and participating with an ALC training group. This time it was in Mountain View! New ride for me. I've never ridden in that city before so it was fairly refreshing to see the new views.

My quads were killing me by the end. But that wasn't the worst part of the ride.

The horrible part was that I damaged my Topeak Dynapak - in a big way. Although I made every effort to adjust the clearance with the rear drive wheel, it wasn't enough. The weight of the extra stuff I put in it on top of the vibrations of the road added to the load and brought the bag far down enough drag against the wheel.

What a nasty sound!

I kept riding since I was in a group and didn't want to fall behind. I didn't notice as much friction as I would have imagined. I kept riding for a few miles until we came to a stop. I hopped off the seat, raised it a bit and kept going.

Eventually, the bag swung to the side and cleared the wheel. It looked awkward, but at least it was working - so I thought! The side of the bag on occasion rubbed up against the tire. It was like a saw blade on butter. It wasn't until after the ride when I got back into my car and inspected the bag that I noticed there was so much rubbing that the tire almost busted a hole! The friction shaved off the fabric and got into the foam and almost went completely through! Luckily it didn't, but it's still pretty bad. Battle scar.

I knew I should have taken the trike for a test run around the neighborhood before going on a 33 mile ride! Ugh. Lesson learned.


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