Monday, December 19, 2011

Catrike Shipping Today

The seller says the trike's packaged and ready to go. It's shipping out today! That'll mean that it'll get here plenty in time before New Year's. What a cool gift. Much thanks to my uncle and aunt who were nice enough to cover my shipping costs. I can't wait until this gets here! Hopefully it won't be raining when it arrives. I really want to take it out to my routine route to see how well it performs over the KMX Tornado on the paved roads.

It's arriving by the end of the week! Yes, that means in time for Christmas! Awesome. What a lovely Christmas present. This is going to be crazy fun. Can't wait to ride this thing. I guess I'm not waiting to paint it before putting it back together. I'm getting on this Speed Demon this weekend! And no, I don't care how cold it might be.


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