Friday, December 16, 2011

Catrike Joins the Fleet

After over a year and a half of drooling over the Catrike lineup hoping that one day I'll have one, I took the dive and our brand spanking used trike will be on its way. I told myself I wouldn't participate in bids, but I gave into my passion. Along with a mountain trike, will be a road trike. I'm expecting this thing to be a speed demon compared to the Tornado.

No love for the Tornado? Of course there will be! I'll never forget the Tornado and have no zero intention of selling it. It's like my third arm. It'll be my all around off street climbing monster. Speed will be reserved for the trike that sports that name.

Originally, I had thought of the Catrike as being an improved upgraded Tornado. Not the case. The Catrike will never be able to withstand the abuse that a Tornado can undergo. The plan is pull out the full potential of both trikes. The Tornado will be rugged and the Speed will be swift. I can't wait to be able to catch up to Paul on his Expedition. Hopefully it really is the trike that makes him faster. That green machine hauls arse! He's since lost 15lbs and is going faster! The gap's getting longer. Time to shorten that. Watch out Paul, I'm coming up!

At least now Paul won't have to wait for me. I'm expecting a lot out of this new trike. Hopefully it'll be as good as I'm expecting. Only time will tell.


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