Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Impressions of a Catrike Speed

The only time I really got to ride this thing was around the block at a recumbent shop in Los Angeles and another time when test riding my aunt's. That's pretty much it. Total time on the trike prior to today? about 10-15 minutes.

This afternoon after running around getting last minute gifts for the in-laws, I had some time to inspect the trike further and go for a test ride.

- The end of one of the boom skewers was missing. When I mentioned it to Patrick, he said he'd send over a spare from one of his old road bikes. Awesome! What a good seller. I don't blame him for the missing piece. I could tell he tried hard to make the sale smooth. It's nice that even after the sale, he's very responsive to questions via email.

- The trike's got 2 computers? Why? Not sure. I'll shoot that question over to Patrick and see what he says. Both have magnets, but only one has a sensor.

- The rear pillow underneath the headrest turns out to have housed speakers! Custom speaker mount! There's a cord that plugs into an MP3 player. I haven't tried it out, but it's quite ingenious and it turned out fairly clean in terms of looks.

- The 2010's come with the newer upgraded seat. This one's got a place for a pump, but it also has two additional pockets for whatever. In one closest and accessible by my right hand under the seat, I put my garage door opener. Super convenient. I put the included bike tool in the other.

- I didn't really like the foam and wanted to keep the trike as simple and close to stock as possible. I removed the underseat padding. The trike definitely feels different now. I feel more "in" the trike than "on" the trike which is something I prefer.

- I removed the speaker system b/c at the time I didn't really know what it was. I'll give it a test try outside the trike just to see how well it works. I'm not much of a music fanatic so not having this wouldn't be a big deal for me.

- The Airzound was a cool accessory that was included. I pumped up the air canister to the recommended 90-100psi and depressed the button. BOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT! That thing is loud! No doubt, that'll get the attention of drivers even with their windows rolled up and the music blasting. I learned just a few hours ago that there's even a volume control! Another great thing about the particular Airzound that was included was that it was the white/grey version as opposed to the one with the orange button. White matches the trike and my attire so much better. Glad Patrick went with that rarer color. It's hard to find - at a good price.

- The left side was making some noise during my spin around the block. I also noticed the brakes needed some adjustment. I didn't break anything down nor did I crawl on my knees to get it seriously repaired. I just pulled the brake pad out a bit for better clearance with the disk and it's worked okay. I'll fine tune it later. For the time being, I wanted to ride!

- I removed the reflectors from the front wheels. I'll leave the back. Not sure why, but I left the rear alone.

- After my first 15 minutes of my ride, I had been hearing some rattling and quickly pulled over to address it. My adjustement of the headrest wasn't complete. After tightening the screws, it worked out well.

- I tried twising the thumb shifters in a more ergonomic direciton, but it didn't budge. Not sure how it works.

Too tired. I rode fast enough to feel like I was about to puke. Gotta get some rest. More details tomorrow.


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