Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mods on My Mind

I can't help it. It's what I do. Here's my list of future mods I'm already thinking about and I don't even have the trike yet!

This is the old list. New one is in the update at the bottom of this post.

- Bell ($3.50)
- Flag ($49)
- Shorter 155mm crankarms ($45)
- Paint job. Red, white or blue? (free)
- Arkel bags ($139 + shipping/tax)
- Handlebar grips ($12)
- Crankset. I'll probably want to drop this down. I can't imagine using a 50T chain ring. Perhaps I could replace the high gears with some low end to take up the SF hills. Who knows though. I might fall in love with the big crankset.
- Water bottle cage bracket mount, 2 ($16)
- Water bottle cages, 2 ($4)
- License plate ($5)

I'm actually surprised there isn't much more than this. It's crazy how buying a better quality trike from the start means you actually get stuff you don't have to upgrade or replace.

- The wheels are awesome. No needs for upgrades there. Although I wish I had kept the black spoked ones I had bought before but ended up selling b/c they didn't fit the KMX Tornado.
- The trike itself is already superlight at 30lbs so no need to upgrade components for that purpose.
- The trike's designed for speed so there will be minimal need for gearing changes if anything. The rear cassette is already an 11-32T!
- Much of the other tools and things that I had bought can still be used for the Speed. Maybe I'll want another bike tool and patch kit so I don't have to take stuff from one trike/bike to another.
- No hydration stuff needed. I don't plan to ride this long distance anytime soon and I can use my existing water bottles. In the case that I ride with anyone on the ebike or they end up using it, we'll more likely than not be traveling shorter distances that wouldn't require more than two water bottles. Once each is sufficient.
- Lighting and computer already come with the used trike. Unless I'm looking to upgrade, there's really no need.

UPDATE: 12/27/11
Yup, the mod bug probably bit me before I even got the trike. Here's the list so far for fun new toys. The list is much different than above. I learned a few things.

- Bell: I just need that pedestrian bell. I'm picking one up from ebay with the compass on it for like $3.50.
- Rear light. Even in the daytime, it's good to have a rear light on a trike. Good for foggy days too.
I ordered a set of these today, 12/28/11. I decided to go with the same ones I bought for the ebike. It fits perfectly on the top seat bar. Looks nice, stands out, comes in black and it's only $4.99 shipped.
- Headlight: I have a front light, but a nicer one would be good. Not sure what I want. With the standard mounting on the frame, the choices are limitless (unlike with the KMX's old frame. I believe they caught up in developing a mounting location for the new ones.)
- Fastback Norback frame pack: It's a bag that holds securely to the underside of the boom for extended storage. Currently looking for a used one b/c that retail $43 plus shipping ain't cutting it.
- Shorter crankarms. I'd prefer 155mm ones but I'm having a hard time locating a pair with 130BCD of an ISIS BB type.
After some searching, I'm finding these are super tough to find in black and with ISIS BB. I may have to swap the bottom bracket from ISIS to square taper and paint the grey that it comes in.
- Flag: Worth getting a second flag for taking out the KMX and Catrike at the same time?
Savings is only $5.50. Not sure if I want a second flag yet. I'll buy my aunt hers (Christmas present) first and continue thinking about whether I really want another one for myself. I honestly don't see the Catrike and KMX being ridden at the same time.

After further exploration, I've decided I no longer "need" (want) the following:

- Arkel bags. They don't fit properly and there's plenty of space in the underseat compartment.
- Handlebar grips. Now I know why Catrike went with the cheap kind. It's b/c it needs to wrap around the thumb shifter cables. Most other handlebar grips are too tight and won't work.
- Crankset does NOT need to be exchanged for lower gearing. Low end gears are perfect.
- Unless I ride extensively, I don't think I'll need two water bottles anymore. Originally I thought I'd have to put the air canister that powers the Airzound in the stock cage, but it already fits nicely tucked under the seat! Very clean look. Almost invisible.

Interesting how the mod list is a lot shorter than the KMX's. I'm guessing it's b/c the Catrike is just so good stock.The gearing is fine. If anything, it can go up a notch for more high gears. Low end ones are superb as-is. Nothing needs to be done as far as weight goes. It's comfy. No complaints in that department.


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