Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Welcome to the Big Apple

ACCESSORY 41: Tires $68 shipped @ Utah Trikes

Though I just came back from New York, that's not what I'm talking about. I finally took the plunge last week and bought the two front Schwalbe Big Apple Tires.

They just arrived today. Utah trikes did a decent job of packaging the tires. Nothing big, but it didn't come folded smushed in tiny box. The flash from the camera shows the effects of the reflective tape around the edges.

They're known to be a fatter tire. More cushioning to provide a better suspension ride. They're not that much bigger in terms of diameter. Unlike the rear 20" tire that's much lighter than the stock ones, these 16" front tires are pretty much the same weight. I didn't put them on a scale, they're identical in weight from what I can tell. KMX's stock made-in-china Lein Fortune tire on the left and Schwalbe Big Apple tire on the right.

The tread is completely different - a bit wider too. The tread has less depth, but apparently from what I've read, tread has little to do with traction. A smoother surface actually has more area and holds to the ground much more effectively. These tires are rated with a low rolling resistance which should help with the performance.

The reflective tape took me a while to get used to in terms of aesthetics. It looked a bit too busy with alongside the red reflective tape I already have on the rim. At least it's white though which brings out the base color of the trike's frame.


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