Monday, August 23, 2010


During the end of the Sunday Streets event when 7 miles of the City was closed off to cars, my rear wheel started shaking more than normal. The creaking sound got me worried enough to head home early.

The freewheel removal tool was worth the buy. I remember it being about $8 or so and it was super easy to use. Last time I had the shop replace the freewheel, it was about $20 and my trike was out of commission for the full day. With Parktool's adapater, I can easily change it out in minutes.

After reading up a bit on how to overhaul the hub, I gave it a try only to make it worse! I took the whole thing part and at 2:30am finally called it quits on trying to put it all back together. I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing, but this time it just didn't fly.

Realizing that most of the repair shops aren't open on Mondays, I'm resorting to my least favorite shop, Nomad Cycles. Again, the techs are good but the boss is just a royal pain. He hates trikes and makes each visit feel like a huge inconvenience. Since I had already removed the wheel, I'm just bringing that and the parts as to not take up too much of their shop space with the entire trike.

I'm hoping Will, a new guy there will be able to get the axle spinning freely. If he can manage it successfully, the only thing left to do before a new idler is to replace my warped and now rusty disk brakes. At over $40, it's going to have to wait.


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