Thursday, August 12, 2010

ALC Meeting 2

Arriving at the Sports Basement where the second ALC Eat and Greet Meet was held, I quickly looked at the sign indicating the location within the store and headed to the back of the building. Not bothering to read the heading of the sign in paper I was putting my name, I grabbed food and chatted up with a girl I saw there.

Referring to the ALC ride, I inquire:

Hey, I'm Brian.
I'm Jasmine.
So have you done this before?
No, this is my first time.
Me too! Are you scared?

Then she said it,

Scared of what? The Burning Man?

I soaked it in and replied quickly,
I am totally in the wrong meeting!

After a brief smirk of embarrassment and her laughter that felt like it took forever to fade, I continued,
Hope you guys don't mind I'm eating your food.

I stuck around to play off my crazy mistake of attending the Burning Man social hour instead of the ALC Meeting. I learned a couple things about their event before I made my way out and finally found the location of the correct meeting. It was downstairs! OMG, I can't believe I showed up at the wrong meeting and took their food! Who would have guessed there were multiple meetings in the same store on the same night at the same time?

This would have been a great story to share at the ALC meeting, but everyone there was coupled up with someone they came with. I saw the slideshow and had a couple of my questions answered and decided to leave.

About 10% of the bicyclists from last year's ALC 9 rode mountain bikes.
There are probably about 10-20 recumbent riders.

Russ, the team leader offered to hook me up with a group of bent riders! Great! He even offered tires that he recommended would be better suited for the trip - slicks. Too bad none of the one's I've come across have a low enough tire pressure to be within the limits of my mag rim.

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  1. Cool... Just think, after you are done with the L.A. ride you are all set to ride to Burning Man :D